Community Groups

The purpose of a community group is to provide a safe environment where people experience authentic community and spiritual growth. Groups meet at least twice a month and consist of 12 to 14 people. Our goal in each of these groups is that the group experiences four things:

1. Encouraging one another to grow spiritually
2. Caring for one another
3. Praying for one another
4. Sharing life’s experiences with one another

Groups participate in various activities from book studies, to reading a book of the Bible, to discussing the most recent Sunday sermon. As you get involved we believe you will find that true community is not an event but a lifestyle.

To get involved in a groups, you can indicate your interest on the “Six G Survey”, visit the Info Booth after each service or contact Suzanne Parkhill at


1.Community Group Finder


2. Community Group Mananger


Childcare is available at the church on Sunday night for a fee of $4.00 per family.