Hillside Uncensored

Psalm 1:1-6

Coach Hunter and Landry – Fall 2012 Baptism at Hillside

Two Women, Swaziland


“Inventory” written by Kelly Wick performed by Jody Jones and Cody Bland


“Why Did You Get Married?” from Easter 2012

Women’s Spring Kickoff 2012

DNOW 2012!

Life Giving Weekend Promo 2011 (300)

“Everything” Drama Revisted

9-4-11 “It could happen to you”

“Comfort in the Midst of Mystery”

This “Recycle Faith” video was used in our service 8/21/11. Some have asked to have access to it or share with a friend.

“Bingo and Ice Cream Social Invite!”


“Follow Me”

“Follow Me” shared by Vince Antonucci

“Common is Not Crazy”

Common is not Crazy, the devil pays us another visit in disguise.

“Why We Love Mom” – Hillside Kids

This video was shown for Mother’s Day this year to honor our moms!
Involves Hillside Community Church.

Straight Up

Pete shared it “Straight Up” for Easter morning!

The Devil Visits the Purity Series

In our Series called “Purity” (the week we discussed Beyond Sex) the devil pays us another visit.

The Devil at Hillside

In our Series called “Unspeakable” (the week we discussed Hell) the devil pays us a visit and has some fun with Pastor Pete.

The Puzzle

Understanding that God has a purpose for you through this analogy.

Real Men of Genius – Submission

Hillside enjoys a light hearted look at submission to help introduce a very sensitive topic.

Christmas Options (Sonic Spoof)

Ladies Retreat Promo 2010 (Sonic Spoof)


Life Giving Weekend Promo (Free Credit Report Spoof)


Off the Map – Geico Commercial

Ladies Spring Luncheon 2011 Promo Video