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Series Title Series Launch Speaker
I’m Losing My Faith, Easter 2014 April 2014 Pete Chiofalo
In His Presence April 2014 Steve Amato
Are You AWAKE? February 2014 Steve Amato
Do Good January 2014 Pete Chiofalo
SiteLine January 2014 Pete Chiofalo
Back to the Basics December 2013 Dave Bream
Winter’s End December 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Peace Love & Credit Cards November 2013 Dave Bream
Don’t Muzzle The Ox November 2013 Pete Chiofalo
N2Africa 2013 October 2013 Bongani
Can You See Me Now? September 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Light Up The Sky September 2013 Pete Chiofalo
In The Mean time Pray September 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Leadership Meeting 2013 August 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Update Your Status August 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Scarred Faith July 2013 Dave Bream
Camouflaged July 2013 Jason Noble/ Toby Tucker
No Pain, No Gain June 2013 Dave Bream
Spring Baptism 2013 May 2013 Pete Chiofalo
Mothers Day 2013 May 2013 Jill Bream
Roots April 2013 Kyle Gray
Lighten Up – Easter 2013 March 2013 Pete Chiofalo
The Fullness of the Covenant March 2013 Steve Amato
Rise March 2013 Kyle Gray
Balancing Act February 2013 Pete Chiofalo
G Whiz January 2013 Pete Chiofalo/ Kyle Gray
Cast not Carry December 2012 Jeff Wakefield
Virgin Territory December 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Dr. Newheart’s Christmas Cure December 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Up December 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Life Giving Weekend 2012 November 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Moving The Chains 2013 November 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Fall Baptism 2012 November 2012 Pete Chiofalo
N2Africa October 2012 Pete Chiofalo
No Idling October 2012 Toby Tucker
Quest Sept. 2012 Pete Chiofalo
HomeWork Sept. 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Lost In Translations August 2012 Dr. Dan Wallace
Enoch, the Man Who Walked With God August 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Momentum Leadership Conference August 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Celebrate Recovery August 2012 Dave Bream
What’s in Your Circle July 2012 Dave Bream
Led By The Spirit July 2012 Steve Amato
Barnabas July 2012 Jason Noble
Fathers Day 2012 June 2012 David Terry
Spring Baptism 2012 May 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Mothers Day 2012 May 2012 Debbie Dittrich
Missions – Going Global April 2012 Dave Bream
Growing in Grace, Romans 5-8 March 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Set Apart March 2012 Steve Amato
Union Gospel Mission February 2012 Dave Bream
And 1, Romans 1-4 January 2012 Pete Chiofalo
Obedience January 2012 Kyle Gray
Family Christmas Eve December 2011 Pete Chiofalo
The Ornamant December 2011 Christmas Performance
Life Giving Weekend 2011 December 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Fall Baptism November 2011 Pete Chiofalo
The Red Zone November 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up October 2011 Kyle Gray
Faith That Works, The Book Of James August 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Communion Sept. 2011 Pete Chiofalo
It Could Happen to You Sept. 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Not a Fan July 2011 Dave Bream
Tongue & Cheek July 2011 Jason Noble
Attitude Adjustment July 2011 Toby Tucker
Got Power June 2011 Jeff Wakefield
Father’s Day June 2011 Pete Chiofalo
World Upside Down June 2011 Kyle Gray
Purity March 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Spring Baptism May 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Mother’s Day – Peace May 2011 Paige Henderson
Straight Up April 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Communion April 2011 Pete Chiofalo
That Others May Live March 2011 Kyle Gray
Vision Impaired March 2011 Steve Amato
Your Hillside – Our Partnership – His Glory March 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Under The Influence February 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Communion February 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Off the Map January 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Mom and Pop Shop January 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Freedom of Choice January 2011 Pete Chiofalo
Love Has Come – A Christmas Story December 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Rocked (including Christmas Eve) December 2010 Steve Amato & Pete Chiofalo
Life Giving Weekend November 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Moving the Chains November 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Your Greatest Investment October 2010 Kyle Gray
On Location October 2010 Pete Chiofalo
For the Love of the Church October 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Fall Baptism September 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Deep and Wide September 2010 Pete Chiofalo
A Little Taste of Leaven September 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Running Man August 2010 Pete Chiofalo
Solomon’s Quest August 2010 Dave Bream
What… Me Worry? July 2010 Jeff Wakefield
Making Waves for God July 2010 Toby Tucker
Look Who’s Knocking June 2010 Jason Noble
Father of the Fatherless June 2010 Steve Amato
The Real Deal May 2010 Pete Chiofalo
OLDER SERIES Series Launch Speaker
The Forgotten Way (Marriage Series) January 2010 Pete Chiofalo