Moving the Chains

Hillside is looking forward to 2012 as we continue to celebrate the many blessings our new building has brought us and watching how God is using it to change lives. Moving The Chains is a time where we are asking our congregation to prayerfully reconsider their financial gift to the building fund for the 2012 calendar year. If you have been a part of the previous campaigns we thank you for your faithful giving and ask that you continue to support Hillside’s mission through a Moving The Chains faith promise for 2012. If you are new to Hillside or have yet to give to the building fund, we would ask that you consider supporting the life changes that are happening at Hillside.

On November 6 and 13, 2011 Pete shared with the congregation Hillside’s One Year plan of $1.04 Million ($640K Mortgage and $400K Principal). The congregation rose to the occasion and made their promises by placing their promise card in the tackle boxes at the end of the services. If you were not at that service or had not yet decided on your family’s promise amount, we have made the process available online. By using the links below, you can fill out and submit your Promise Card electronically. Again, we appreciate your contribution and look forward to sharing our church wide promise with the bank in December. We would ask that you please be in prayer up until that time that God provides for this financial need.

If you have questions about this process or would like information on setting up recurring online giving to facilitate your gift giving, please contact us using the links below.

Moving the Chains Electronic Promise Card
Blessings of the Building
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