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All of us, for a variety of reasons, can feel as if we are losing our faith now and then. As life challenges us, our faith is battered, beaten and often struggles to survive. Join us this Easter and be a part of our celebratory journey to understand why this happens and how to get our faith back!


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Pete Chiofalo

“I am so glad that you have decided to become a Christ follower. This is without a doubt one of the greatest decisions in your life, and because of your decision, you are now beginning a new life in Christ. Read on to learn what you should do next.”

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Sunday Service, April 13

If you missed one of the announcements from our services, here is a summary :


Easter Services: For any number of reasons, it can feel like our faith is fading or we’re just losing spiritual ground. It can happen to all of us as we deal with our hectic lives. Hillside welcomes you, this Easter, to join us for one of our three services as we find hope in the resurrection of Christ together and celebrate the risen Savior who strengthens our faith and secures our future. Saturday April 19th 6:00pm Sunday April 20th 9:15 & 11:15am

Kids Rock: May 3rd at 6:00pm. Registration is open April 6-16.

Worship Songs:

-Say Say
-Rock Won’t Move
-Victor’s Crown
-Here In Your Presence

For more regarding the worship music, please email Robin Callahan.

This Week’s Message

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